It’s Not a Made Up Story… Go:Audio Are Back!

It’s been over a decade since the Myspace era and hairsprayed emo fringes combined with an extreme amount of eyeliner, but it really wasn’t ‘just a phase’ because the internet seems to have gone into meltdown with excitement over the return of Go:Audio! In 2009, the band released their debut album ‘Made Up Stories’ and … More It’s Not a Made Up Story… Go:Audio Are Back!

Dutch Criminal Record release ‘Feel Good.’

Portsmouth based Dutch Criminal Record released their new single, ‘Feel Good’ today (Friday 26th June) and it’s a definite summery indie bop that you’ll want to be adding to all of your playlists pronto. Inspired by Scotland’s favourite indie gods, Orange Juice, the track has a catchy riff throughout which screams ‘day on the beach,’ … More Dutch Criminal Record release ‘Feel Good.’