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Welcome to my wee corner of the internet!

I’m a music blogger/broadcaster, based in Glasgow. I interview bands and artists, go to (probably too many) gigs, and obsess over finding new music to fall in love with – so that’s the kind of thing you’ll find me rambling on about and sharing here!

I work across radio, events, tv production and music. You’ll sometimes hear me chatting on BBC Radio Scotland, on our podcast, ‘From Under The Duvet’ or on Irvine Beat Fm on a Wednesday night from 10pm.

AND, because i’ve been asked more times than I can count:
jimriex” just came from a nickname at school; my name, Jen Imrie, was smooshed into ‘jimrie.’ Turns out there’s another jimrie somewhere in the world, as that was already taken on twitter (the be all and end all of life in 2010), so the stray X appeared, and it’s stuck ever since.