An Enchanting Adventure…

Pitlochry is a usually quiet little town around an hour and a half away from Glasgow. I say usually quiet, because over the last twenty years, for a month in autumn, it becomes a bustling hub full of people in woolly hats, climbing aboard busses, clutching hot chocolate.

The Enchanted Forest has been running for the last twenty years in Faskally Wood, and is a fully immersive light show that makes you feel like you’re wandering through a dream.

The theme for this year’s show is ‘Together’ and with neon signs, sparkly lights, a soundsystem running through the woods & a collection of mirrorballs, it was made very obvious that after two years of not being able to be together, we definitley all can be now.

There’s plenty of options for food & hot drinks around the route, with pizza stands, churros & even a spot to roast marshmallows – you’re absolutley spoiled for choice as soon as you step into the woods. The stands are cash only though; so make sure you’ve stopped off at a cash point in town beforehand!

Boasting two separate light shows on either side of the woods, there are plently of stopping opportunites along the route; as well as countless photo ops too!

At one point on the route, you walk through a whole tunnel of fairylights – I cannot tell you exactly how much serotonin a tunnel of fairylights gives a person, but believe me when I say it is A LOT. There’s a wee break in fairylights, but only to be able to stand and be mesmorised by another favourite of mine, mirrorballs.

The TSwift fan in me was already twitching, but towards the end, a neon sign to end all neon signs was found! I’m going to bet someone on the design team is a folklore fan; ‘mirrorball’ and ‘invisible string’ references within a few feet of each other? Can’t not be!

The entire trip was a very wholesome, well organised experience. At around 9.30pm we joined a small, stewarded queue to get on a coach back to Pitlochry town centre & we did not have to wait long in the slightest. The busses run in a loop, dropping people into the forest & taking another bus load back on their way.

You have until Oct 30th to snap up some tickets and head along to this year’s show, but don’t worry – the Enchanted Forest have already announced that they’ll be back next year, and I’m really excited to see what the theme will be! You can grab tickets for next year when they’re released at the end of the month – definitely not one to miss out on!

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