Beabadoobee in the Barrowlands

Climbing the Barrowlands stairs is one of my favourite things to do, but it’s even more exciting when you’re climbing them to see an artist who you’ve seen climb from venue to venue.

After seeing her play king tuts, and then various (growing) festival stages, Beabadoobee is an artist that I love to watch on stage.

Signed to the 1975’s Dirty Hit label, the singer songwriter has moulded her own style and plays through her set with ease. Her fanbase is a mixed crowd; with every age group in various pockets of the venue. Every one of them as respectful and excited as the next. Opening with the third single from her latest album, 10:36 & early single Apple Cider, the barrowland ballroom was bouncing in no time.

Beabadoobee plays through a huge twenty two song set, with not many anecdotes or chats in between – she did however, pause to explain that fan favourite ‘Don’t Get the Deal’ was being added to the setlist, purely because of the amount of people who had requested it!

Her live set is much heavier than her recorded tracks, and I’m definitiely a fan of both. The band turned up the bass and had the whole crowd jumping around like it was a rock show.

Stripping it back, beabadoobee then took to the stage solo with her guitar to play through some acoustic tracks, whilst the obedient crowd continued to sing along.

Beabadoobee put on an enchantingly good show, and had everyone in the room lapping up every guitar string strummed and lyric sang. If you get the chance to see her live in the future, I’d highly recommend jumping at it!


Apple Cider
Fairy Song
Worth It
Charlie Brown
The Perfect Pair
Sunny Day
He Gets Me So High
Yoshimi, Forest, Magdalene
See You Soon
Don’t Get the Deal
She Plays Bass
Back to Mars
Last Day on Earth
Dye It Red

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