Drive release ‘Old Cassette Tape.’

Geordie electro due Drive are about to release their new single, Old Cassette Tape, but contrary to the norm, have already released the music video! I found out more about the band – have a nosy…

– Who are Drive? 

We’re an electronic duo from Newcastle Upon Tyne. Jake Fletcher provides vocals and plays guitar. Andy Bell plays guitar and keyboards. 

– Where did the band name come from? 

We liked the idea of a short one word name that could have numerous connotations. For example, we’ve always been influenced by film and we want to write music that soundtracks important moments in peoples lives – like the moment in film where the main character is looking out the window of the car with a big song playing or the end credits. 

– You’re about to release your single, ‘Old Cassette Tape’ on Spotify, what can you tell me about it?

We were playing around with a loop on a drum machine and had the idea of writing a song that felt like it could have been found on an old mixtape. It was all done in a bedroom from the production to the video. It’s our first release and we’re really excited for it to come out on Spotify this Friday! 

– You released the video first; how did that come about? 

We wanted to do something a little different since videos usually come out on the day of or after a release. We’d been sitting on the track for a while and we had a few people asking when new music was coming, and since we’re in lockdown we thought there was no better time to put something out. 

– It’s got a very vintage feel to it – did you know how it was going to look from the start? 

We’re really in to older mediums of photography and videography such as Super8, Polaroids and VHS, and have always felt these fit with our music. Our Instagram feed is all film and for the video we wanted it to feel like a home movie. There’s something about this type of footage that has a timeless quality which brings a sense of nostalgia. Luckily we found footage of a couple in Australia on a day out and were able to build a loop around it. 

– Who are your main influences? 

As well as film some of our musical influences are The Blue Nile; Bleachers; Phoenix; The 1975 and Arcade Fire to name a few. 

– If you could describe yourselves to someone who’s never heard your music before in three words, what would they be?

Coming of age.

“Old Cassette Tape” is officially released tomorrow, you can presave at the link here →

Find the band on insta @drivetheband_ or twitter @officialdrive_

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