Carousel on the release of ‘Feeling.’

Last Friday, Dundee based indie rock band, Carousel released their latest single; a heartfelt, stripped back track – ‘Feeling.’

You can have a listen on the Spotify link, and find out more about the band below…

Who are Carousel?

We’re a indie pop band band from Scotland. Well. Me and Ronnie have been pals for years and have been in other bands before. Chris has been floating about for years and is damage so was a no brainier to get him in. Still no sure where Ryan came fae but he’s staying!

Where did the band name come from?

It was actually an ex-member who named the band. We should of thrown the name out with him but we’ve kicked up to much of a stink to be changing names now.3. Indie Rock with Anthemic Melodies

If you could describe your sound in five words, what would they be?

Indie Rock with Anthemic Melodies

You’ve just released your new single, ‘Feeling’ – can you tell me about the writing process?

The song was written nearly 3 years ago. It’s sat in the archives for ages. Was meant to get it out when we released our ep but then I wrote “cry” and we just had to put that out first.

How do you feel about releasing new music without being able to play gigs around it to promote it at the moment?

It’s pretty fucking shite to be honest. I thought it was away to be pointless until the response we got. People love it. It’s smashing to see even though we’re all just sitting in the gaff dain fukall people are still wanting our music.

Have you been staying productive with writing throughout lockdown or have you been using it as a time to take some space and regroup?

The start of lockdown was a struggle. Everything felt forced because your sitting telling yerself you’ve got weeks off work to write or get as much done as possible and nothing comes but the last couple weeks the juices have been flowing. It’s smashing

What are your plans for when lockdown is lifted – are there any gigs or tours in the works? 

As soon as venues opened we will be announcing the rescheduled tour dates. We’ve said this loads. We like to play live more than release music. It’s good to get tunes out but you don’t get to meet any of the listeners.

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