It’s Not a Made Up Story… Go:Audio Are Back!

It’s been over a decade since the Myspace era and hairsprayed emo fringes combined with an extreme amount of eyeliner, but it really wasn’t ‘just a phase’ because the internet seems to have gone into meltdown with excitement over the return of Go:Audio! In 2009, the band released their debut album ‘Made Up Stories’ and played in the O2 ABC (what a venue, RIP) with support from TwentyTwenty (remember them!? Was it even a pop punk gig if they weren’t supporting?).

I vividly remember listening to their album religiously on my iPod and it’s definitely a nostalgia trip every time I hear it – so what an absolute treat that the band have put their back catalouge onto Spotify for our 2020 listening pleasure!

I got the chance to catch up with the band (via email cos #socialdistancing) to find out what we’ve missed in the last decade…

– Welcome back! What made you decide to come out of hiding?
Our camouflage clothing Is over 10 years old now and people started to see us in the bushes, thought it was time to come out 

– What’s changed in the last ten years for you guys? What did we miss?
Lots, apart from hiding in bushes, we’ve been getting married, having kids! We still work within music ie management, production etc so it’s kept us busy

– What did it feel like coming back online and announcing that you were back – was it more nerve wracking or exciting?
Was always daunting to know what the reaction would be but we’ve been pleasantly surprised, the reaction has been great!!

– Did you expect the response you got?
We were hopeful, but it’s great that people are still into the music 10 years later! 

– You left the music scene in the myspace era and have come back as insta queens and tweeting; how different is it?
Never been called Queens before (but we’ll take it). Yea MySpace was awesome, it was instrumental in our growth I think, obviously social media has progressed and changed so much. It’s a shame Spotify etc wasn’t around when we were first released, we’d be rich – or going by royalty rates, really poor! 

– If you could describe the band in three words, what would they be?
Epic, classic, amazing

– You’ve rereleased some old tracks recently; how did that come about and why?
We always thought about releasing the music we had lying around on a hard drive and I think the lock down gave us all time to finally revisit them and put them out

– How have you been keeping yourselves busy in lockdown?
In between chasing kids around, releasing music and chatting to those that have come to hi on instagram!
– Are you working on any new music that you can tell us about?
We have a few tracks which no one has heard before . . .  not even on tour! So yea hopefully get those out at some point 

– Do you have any exciting tour/gig plans for when the world goes back to normal?
Not right now, especially with the industry how it is. It will take a long time to recover. We’re just seeing how things go, I guess if the demand is there it would be silly not to dust off the instruments again > You can’t beat the buzz of playing in front of people! 

Come and chat to us on Instagram @goaudioband > We only joined a month ago so it is still new to us! 

Come join the nostalgia trip; my fav tracks from ‘Made Up Stories’ are ‘Drive to the City,’ ‘Save Me Now’ and ‘Brake! Brake!’

You can catch the new releases ‘Smoke & Mirrors,’ ‘Doesn’t Really Matter’ and ‘Why’ on Spotify too!

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