Subtopian Planning Board release Age of Anxiety

Paisley based Subtopian Planning Board released their new single, ‘Age of Anxiety’ today. It’s an attention grabbing, electronic track that will have you hooked from the start, and agreeing with the honest lyrics throughout.

I caught up with the band to find out a bit more about them;

– Who are Subtopian Planning Board? Where did you meet?

Jennifer Leitch (lead vocals), Daniel Esteban (bass), Craig Goodwin (drums/synths) and Jordan Frew (guitar). Just through friends and other bands we knew or played in. Then a couple years later Dan popped the question. Not the marriage one, the, “do you want to start a band?” one.

– How would you describe your sound to someone who hadnt listened before?

We kind of fluctuate between different styles but usually fall under some sort of rock umbrella. Alt/psych rock is our go-to but not always necessarily true.

– What can you tell us about your new single, ‘Age Of Anxiety’?

Age of Anxiety has been in the group for a while. It’s probably one of our heaviest and most aggressive songs so it’s great to let loose with it, especially live. It touches on subjects like mental health, technology, media and information sharing and with everything going on this year, we think it can stimulate some debate around these difficult subjects.

– What’s your writing process?

We mostly write on our own then bring an idea to the band or partner up with someone to develop said idea further but we try keep our process open to new ideas. Sometimes a song can be fully written before we start rehearsing it and others can evolve from an improvisation during rehearsals.

– How have you found lockdown in terms of being able to make more music?

It has been tough, we would like to be more active ofcourse, but in a way lockdown has forced us to take time and look at different avenues we could go down and then you’ve got the time to try new creative things and learn some new skills. Also having this time just allows us to work on our own ideas. The voice recorders on our phones are pretty much full however, we’re definitely looking forward to playing together again.

 – Obvs live shows aren’t happening right now, but once we’re allowed do you have any plans for some gigs?

We have nothing planned at the moment, but as soon as it’s viable, we’ll make it happen.

Stream the track below;

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