Seeing The Goo Goo Dolls live is the ‘Miracle Pill’ that we all need.

The Goo Goo Dolls have been a band for longer than I’ve been alive. They got together in 1986 and haven’t stopped for breath since. They’ve had 19 top ten singles and sold more than an incredible 12 million albums world wide.

I first came across them, I think, when I started watching teen drama films; ‘Iris’ & ‘Slide’ both featuring heavily across my own teen dramas in life, which tuned me into their earlier albums… and now, new album ‘Miracle Pill’ is adding to my soundtrack of 2019/2020.

Released last September, the album is the bands’ twelfth masterpiece and features singles ‘Money, Fame and Fortune’, ‘Indestructable’ and ‘Miracle Pill.’

Much to my fangirly delight, I got tochat to Johnny Rzeznik & Robby Takac before they took to the O2 Academy stage in a very rainy Glasgow to kick off the Miracle Pill UK Tour…

Just before 9pm the lights went out and the Goo Goo Dolls appeared on stage, slamming straight into a massive 22 song set; kicking things off with latest single ‘Indestructable,’ they spent the next hour and a half incorporating fan favourites such as ‘Iris’, ‘Slide’, ‘Here is Gone’ and ‘Name’ into a setlist mixed with newer tracks like ‘Fearless’ and ‘January Friend.’ They even added a curveball with ‘Fallin’ Down’ as a fan request from 1993 album Superstar Car Wash!

A casket of Black Balloons dropped over the crowd over their namesake song, and everyone spent the whole night singing their hearts out. Finishing their set with my favourite from the new album, Autumn Leaves, left the audience in their own wee happy balloons as they left the Academy and ventured back into the Glasgow storm.

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