Tiderays in the Oran Mor.

No strangers to the Oran Mor, Dumfries band Tiderays were prepping for their second headline set in one of my favourite venues in Glasgow when I caught up with them in their dressing room…

When the band took to the stage, you could see a total shift in the room. People who had been sitting along the edges and hanging out at the bar all stampeded towards the stage and were instantly involved with the music – you can see this band already have a well established fan base. I even heard some chat about a bus being run from the band’s home town, in order for people to be able to come and watch without the worries about public transport, and last trains!

Their music reminds me of Mumford & Sons twisted with Twin Atlantic, but it is also incomparable to anything around just now. I was infatuated watching the violin fit into the set and it really does give the whole thing its original sound.

They left the stage to chants from the crowd demanding more music – a sure fire sign that they’d absolutely smashed their set.

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