Chris Greig and the Merchants

So as it turns out, finding a quiet pub in Glasgow to record an interview is not the easiest of tasks to complete. Never the less, Chris Greig managed to find a relatively calm spot in the back corner of a bar on Sauchiehall Street, for us to have a catch up about all things ‘Chris Greig and the Merchants,’ following the band’s release of their “Lipstick EP.”

From the first listen, I was instantly hooked with their catchy riffs and lyrics. The EP as a whole is brilliant, and I’ve honestly not been able to pick a favourite from the four track masterpiece.

Lipstick, StopGo, Colours and Talking Aloud are all completely individual tracks that compliment each other and gel together effortlessly.

You can hear our chat about the making of the EP below!

This poster was posted on instagram as gig promo, and if there’s not at least ONE High School Musical song covered I’ll be horrendously disappointed.

If you fancy catching these tracks live, Chris Greig and the Merchants are playing in the infamous King Tuts Wah Wah Hut on Sunday 21st July – see you there!

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