Hatchie’s debut album “Keepsake” – review.

I first came across Hatchie when it was announced that she was supporting the Vaccines last year in Motherwell. I fell in love with her sound – so when I was asked if I wanted to hear her debut album ahead of it’s release on Friday 21st June, I was delighted… and it definitely has not not disappointed! I’ll not ramble about every track – just because I think it’s one of those albums that everyone will be able to take a completely different message and view point from, but I’ll chat you through some of my favourites.

Kicking off the album is ‘Not That Kind,’ with its catchy hook and lyrics, you can see why it’s been chosen as the lead track on the album – it is a great introduction of what’s to come.

‘Without a Blush’ was the title of the last UK tour, and after the first listen, it was a clear favourite of mine on the album! “You and me were destined to be the ones,” and “if I could kiss you one more time, would it make everything alright?” are lyrics that stood out and I can see this being a track that’s swiftly added into millions of playlists around the world.

‘Obsessed’ starts off with a slightly rockier sound than the tracks before it, but at the same time makes you want to bounce around dancing with a hairbrush – its catchy hook “you were the one, you were the one, who told me to run, told me to run” was stuck in my head for a good while after hearing it!

My very favourite track on Keepsake is ’Secret.’ It starts off quite mellow and slow, but builds on itself into a mass of dreamy pop loveliness – “baby can you keep a secret?” – it builds up like entrusting a person with a secret. The quiet, unsure decision of whether or not to let it out, to the first chorus – telling your secret, into the euphoric feeling of not being worried about it anymore – because you can trust the person completely. 

The album as a whole is a really strong debut, and unlike anything else out there just now. It is full of captivating guitar hooks and lyrics that you’ll be singing along to at the top of your voice in no time.  I can’t wait to get this blasting in the car on a sunny day with the windows down – it’s got that feeling of driving down back roads in the summer, stopping for picnics, and generally makes you feel like you should be in a movie… and I LIVE for these kind of moments!

Keep an eye out for the name Hatchie in the near future, this is a massive sound and I fully cannot get enough of it! 

Keepsake is out on Friday 21st June (this Friday!) and I don’t know about you, but I’ll be keeping an eye on her socials for a much anticipated Glasgow tour date (@hihatchie)!

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