‘yea babe, no way’ we interviewed LANY.

SO I definitely should have written about this before now, but we all know I’m the biggest procrastinator in all the land… And since yesterday was Valentine’s Day (aka international day of giving roses), here’s the blog that goes along with the interview with LANY (in which, they tell me how the roses thing came about)!

The internet world will tell you that LANY are an “American Indie Pop Band from LA,” have only been together since 2014 and have released multiple EPs before the release of their self titled album in June 2017, but already, to so many fans across the world, they have become so much more.

I first came across the band when they toured with Ellie Goulding in their early days; captivated by their dreamy music and unmistakeable sound, I was instantly hooked. Since then, they’ve been on multiple headline tours across the world, including another trip back to Glasgow’s King Tuts in 2015.

We had been in the Queen Margaret union a million and two times before the 8th of December 2017, but I don’t quite ever remember being quite so excited (well, maybe the time that Radio 1 did a week of seminars and talks, and I got to meet Fearne Cotton – my absolute idol – and ask her lots of questions).  I remember having the same ‘outfit meltdown’ before that day too; what on earth do you wear to meet the coolest, most fashion conscious people on the planet? Nothing I own seemed appropriate.

We were led into the teeny tiny wee lift that took us to the top floor of the QMU. I had no idea what I would have been expecting from a student union, but I didn’t think it would be an actual classroom, complete with desks and a whiteboard… however; that’s where we were.

This was the first time we were putting our (Lucinda’s) plan into motion, and actually filming an interview, instead of just having audio. I won’t lie, I was definitely more anxious about being on camera, and actually having to watch myself back than the thought of having a chat with one of my favourite bands.

We moved desks and chairs, doodled on the whiteboard to make it look ‘more edgy’ (and swiftly wiped it out because we are neither edgy or artists), set up mics, deliberated “angles”, the whole ‘jacket off/jacket on’ debate happened, and then in walked Les, Paul and Jake, aka LANY.

My favourite golden nugget of information that came from this interview, was the fact it is actually a real voicemail from Jake Goss’ mum on their track ‘Parents,’ which does make me giggle every time I hear it; so endearing. You can see (ahh!) the interview below….

The gig after this chat (which you see wee clips of through the video) was possibly my favourite of 2017. If you ever get the chance to see LANY live, then definitely, 100% do it.

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