INK. In Glasgow; insta tips and interview takeovers.

Walking into the three venue maze that is Glasgow’s Garage, we follow a girl up to the Attic room to be introduced to Todd, Corey and Dougie – aka INK. (the full stop’s important.)

You can watch our chat below; it covers everything from music to instagram to tapeworms… guess which bit wasn’t in the plan.

Nb; I really do think “ok, i’m done, interview yourselves for a few minutes now” might be the new way forward.

I’ve heard my fair share of entrance tracks in my years, however INK.’s was er, original… ‘Let It Go’ from Disney’s ‘Frozen’ was possibly the last thing I was expecting to hear before the post punk band took to the stage; especially after a playlist that included the likes of Death Cab for Cutie.. however it did the trick and the crowd in the Attic all sprung into action with a very loud Glaswegian singalong.

Corey, Todd and Dougie took to the stage for the first time together in Glasgow to massive cheers and got stuck straight into their tight set, full of crowd pleasers.

Opening with ‘Fever’ from their two month old ‘Heaven’ EP, you’d have thought INK. had been playing together for years. Holding the crowd’s complete attention, the band went straight into ‘Back to the Noise’ – another track from their EP, and had the crowd bobbing along and singing the words.

With only having had released the four track EP, and an hour long stage time the band teased new tracks and covers throughout; ‘Satellite’ saw Todd leave the stage, mic in tow, to join the middle of the crowd and it is definitely going to be a track to keep an eye (or an ear even..) out for.

I also really didn’t know I needed a Post Punk cover of ABBA’s ‘Lay All Your Love on Me’ until I experienced it; and now I feel like I need an INK. album solely dedicated to covering ABBA tracks. Another cover that left the crowd ecstatically singing along was Sia’s ‘Cheap Thrills.’

Some singing lessons (unneeded apparently; as everyone seemed to know the words anyway..) from Todd and the band tore into ‘Symphony Woman’ with the crowd as backing vocals made the small venue feel as massive as the sound coming from the stage.

INK. finished their set with the title track from the EP, ‘Heaven’ and the place was bouncing from the start of the song to the end. In such a short space of time, the three piece English band seem to have done what it takes most bands a few years to establish and you can tell by their stage presence that they’re enjoying every minute of it. Dougie’s anecdotes and jokes, paired with Todd’s crowd interaction and Corey’s ‘cool drummer in the background’ demeanour merge so well together that you really would think they’d been touring together a lot longer than a couple of weeks.

(Dougie did tell me I didn’t have to lie throughout this review, so I won’t… the only disappointment was the lack of imagination when it came to “not being able to perch on top of a speaker so Todd could serenade him” throughout Satellite – where there’s a will; there’s always a way, ha!)

filming; @shannnnnnnnnen

edit; @lucindamcg

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