Will Joseph Cook takes King Tuts

For me, Will Joseph Cook was a lockdown discovery. His track, ‘Be Around Me’ featuring Chloe Moriando captured my attention instantly, with it’s catchy riff and sweet lyrics; so when the opportunity arose to see him perform at King Tuts on a sunny March evening, it was obvious that we were heading down.

Taking to the stage to a packed Tuts in a summery-looking striped shirt, Will’s attire matched the mood of his music – sunny, bright and uplifting.

Opening his 18 track set with latest single ‘Little Miss’ and a personal favourite, ‘Take Me Dancing’ had the crowd bopping along instantly, and there was no stopping the whole way through. As he played tracks from both albums – 2017’s ‘Sweet Dreamer’ and 2020’s ‘Something to Feel Good About,’ Will’s fans sang their hearts out the whole way through the set. The chilled out atmosphere had the crowed relaxed and swaying in time to the music; it was obvious everyone was fully immersed in what was happening on stage, thanks to his very distinctive stage presence. This coupled with his genuine musical talent and charming anecdotes made for an exceptionally lovely gig.

A particular stand out track of the set was 2015’s ‘Daisy Chains’ – a surprise for fans in the room who weren’t expecting the appearance of older tracks! From old to new, WJC debuted a new track from up and coming album, ‘Every Single Thing’ called ‘BOP’ and it is indeed, a bop! The album drops on June 10th and the excitement surrounding the release is clear. Recent single, ‘4am,’ (also on the set list), is included in the track list!

Will Joseph Cook’s music is dreamy, summer-in-a-bottle type indie pop, and hearing it live is like being transported to a beach on a sunny day surrounded by a group of friends… when in actuality – you open your eyes and you’re still in a dark venue in the centre of the city surrounded by strangers; who very well could be new friends.

Full setlist:
Little Miss
Take Me Dancing
Something to Feel Good About
She Likes Me
Driverless Cars
We Met on the Internet
The Dragon
10x More Fun
Girls Like Me
Daisy Chains
Beach (I Wanna Make You Mine)
Be Around Me

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