SINGLE PREVIEW: Amy Lou releases “Addiction.”

Who the Fxck is Amy Lou? If you’re in Glasgow (or anywhere between here and Denmark apparently), there’s a high chance you’ll have seen posters, badges and beer mats plastered everywhere…

I caught up with Amy to find out a bit more about her, her irn bru addiction, live show dates and OF COURSE the new single, “Addiction,” which is being released to the world this Friday (15th November). However, I’ve been given a wee sneaky preview link to share with you – so you can get an exclusive first listen right here, right now!

Amy Lou as Irn Bru!

Inspired by the raving days of Amy’s girlfriend’s dad, “Addiction” is described as a “genre bending donk,” taking the average indie genre on a wee wander to visit Scooter and Calvin Harris… and back again. I’ve been “addicted” to looping it since I got sent this link (sorry, that was bad, I’ll stop.) Here’s what happened when I caught up with Amy Lou in the front of her car to find out a bit more about it all…

“Addiction” is available to stream from Friday, and you can catch Amy Lou at Broadcast on the 24th November… grab your tickets now and we’ll see you there!

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