North Atlas (ft Gidd Gamz) play the Old Hairdressers

Apparently its a big deal that I’d never been to a gig in the Old Hairdressers until Sunday, and to be fair, it’s a perfect venue for an intimate wee gig, so I don’t know why I hadn’t been either!

North Atlas are a three piece band, originally from Dumfries, but now based in Glasgow & I got the chance to catch up with them before they took to the stage (outside as well – that means it’s practically summer, yeah?)!

(thanks to Kat McGoldrick for your fab-u-lous cam skills with limited resources hehe)

A short while later we were in what appeared to be the actual attic of the Old Hairdressers and ‘The Wound Review’ were on stage. The small venue already seemed busy, but we soon learned that it could, in fact, get a whole lot busier.

Amy Lou was up next & it took me a while but I clicked on when she started playing recent release “Fiat Five Hunner” that I’d heard her music before – purely because a friend had sent me the track because I do currently drive a Fiat 500 (I know, I’m sorry, #Basic).

Around 10pm, Leon, Liam and Cam took to the stage and opened their set with “Another Ocean” and “Hold Up the Sky.” It was clear they’d put a lot of effort in to their first Glasgow gig in ‘forever’ – I don’t know what I was expecting from the venue but I didn’t expect a full backdrop of visuals, it really added another level to the music.

(Photo Credit; Sean Michael)

The band moved through the set with ease, and keeping the crowd in the palm of their hands the entire time. From “South,” into “Volcanoes” – which had everyone singing along to the catchy hook – and “Post Love.”

The band then invited Gidd Gamz on stage to join them in a cover of Linkin Park’s “Nobody’s Listening” – which I absolutely loved. The band had been talking before about being able to have different sounds and working with people who help achieve this – Gidd stayed on stage to play a cover of the Prodigy’s “Breathe” – giving it a completely individual sound.

Gidd Gamz . (Photo Credit; Sean Michael)

North Atlas finished off their set with “Ethanol” and “Orange,” and as much as I had to dash off for the last train, I could have stayed to watch them for another good few hours, and I got the feeling the rest of the crowd could have too.

(Photo Credit; Sean Michael)

They have the energy and stage presence that would be more than able to fill venues like the O2 Academy and the Barrowlands; this alt-rock band are going to be around for a while by the looks of things, and I’m so excited that I got the chance to see them play in the Old Hairdressers before we’re all fighting over tickets for their Barras gigs in years to come!

(Photo Credit; Sean Michael)

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