HYYTS hitting heights in the Mash House…

Normally a wee Thursday night gig does not involve trekking to the other side of the country after work and dashing for the last train back afterwards, but HYYTS made it worth the trip.

Being only their second ever headline gig (my bad – I was told it was the third, apparently not!) I felt the need to be involved from the get go. I heard their single “DWY” on Spotify and instantly fell in love. If you’ve not listened already – it genuinely really does sound like it should be in a movie soundtrack. You know that emoji (lol sorry Android users – this gal’s been Apple brainwashed) where the wee smiley content face is surrounded by floating lovehearts? That’s really actually how the song makes me feel. I’ve not had such an emotional attachment to a song on a first listen like that in FOREVER. So, when I got offered the chance to have a chat to the guys behind it, I really could not say no.

Sam and Adam are the loveliest, most genuine guys and I was so, so excited to see them perform live.

As much as they had told me beforehand that they were quite nervous, as soon as they were on the stage you could totally tell that’s exactly where they should be. They sailed through the tracks with ease and had a stage presence that could’ve fooled anyone into thinking they’d been headlining for years.

New single “Car Crash Carnivore” went down an absolute storm, with the audience bopping away like they’d heard it a million times before.

A wee Shania Twain cover will always score big in my eyes and HYYTS actually, somehow, made “You’re Still The One” totally their own; incorporating wee bits of different styles into the 3 minutes something-or-other.

I mentioned their single “DWY” earlier but my word, hearing it live has shot a whole other lease of life into it that I didn’t even know I needed. I love that when the people you’re with know which tracks are your favourite and grab your arm/shoulder/bag – although in my case it’s probably only just to, one – check I’m not crying, two – check I’m still breathing, and three – because I have some bloomin’ good pals who know me all too well!

Finishing their set with “Bullet” had the crowd continuing their singalong and the cheers at the end of the set proved that HYYTS had pulled off a blinder of a gig. As much as it was a 45 minute set of dreamy dreaminess, I definitely could have stood there all night listening to Adam and Sam’s very distinct, but very different sound.

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