‘I’ll Spin For You Like Your Favourite RECORDS Used To.’

#RECORDSTOREDAY. #RSD17. Whatever other hashtag you want to use; they worked. I was vaguely aware of Record Store Day last year, but I really didn’t quite understand what it was until seeing everyone’s social media posts afterwards (although duh, maybe should’ve taken a hint from the name…). So this year I made sure I was at least kind of in the loop – facebook groups from the likes of LP Records in Glasgow constantly being updated helped.


In order to actually afford to buy any vinyl, I had to do a shift in work first thing, so I didn’t see any of the 8am crazy queues, and didn’t manage to get my hands on the limited edition picture disc that The Cure released..hoooowever when I did eventually get myself over to Rare Trade Records in Kilwinning, I was very pleasantly surprised to see how busy it still was. There were loads of people mulling around the old church, which had seats pulled into rows in the middle of the room, facing towards what once would’ve been a pulpit, but is now a stage, filled with amps, mics, guitar stands and leads, a keyboard… the list goes on.

I’d made sure to arrive before 2pm, as that’s when The Miss’s were taking to the stage, and to my surprise ran into a couple of people I knew. I just thought it was really fab that the amount of people were there had opted to support their local store & not traipse up to Glasgow – which, to be fair, was my first thought.

Although Rare Trade was busy, as soon as The Miss’s took to the stage, the room was completely captured by their music. Everyone stopped to listen. The room had such a calm and captivated feel to it – even people who hadn’t taken a seat in the middle of the room had stopped around the edges and aisles to listen.


I caught up with Michelle and Audrey after their set, in the extremely glamorous location of my tiny little car. You can have a listen to our chat here; (which includes fangirling over vinyl, a bit about their latest album “Crash” (100% worth a listen), doing the “car test” and their upcoming gigs.)


Hopped back into Rare Trade to pay for my vinyl grabs of the day (here’s where you all judge me and I don’t care) and after listening to Medicine Men’s set; headed home to lie on the floor and have a proper listen to my purchases.


All in all, #RSD17 was pretty successful, and I already can’t wait to get more involved next year!


title lyric track: Fall Out Boy – Favourite Record

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