The First One Is The Worst One…

I don’t know what’s worse; the fact I’m using old school Boys Like Girls lyrics for a blog title, or the fact it’s literally taken me a whole week to work out how to actually set it up.
I’m not entirely sure what his blog’s all about yet. Hopefully, eventually I’ll get my act together enough to start getting some gig reviews and interviews up on here, but for now you have just me & a wee introductory ramble. (And maybe at some point I’ll stop being such a website-a-phobe and learn how to make it look a bit prettier.)
First off, I’d like to formally apologise to the various pals who, when I told them my New Years Resolution was to start a blog, responded with eye rolls and “Eh naw you’re no. That’s too cringey” – hiya Ally! Yes, it might have taken me until March to get started on said resolution, but ‘hate to say I told you so!’ I promise I’ll try to make it as non-cringeworthy and interesting as the photo below…ahem.

So to catch up on the three months or so of my resolution; that was a quiet Hogmanay – minus a few who are now in various corners of the world (looking at you, Allie in Oz.)
February mostly consisted of running around a shopping centre every weekend with Charly & Jonny, whilst being dressed as ‘cupid’ as past of a West FM promotion… and of course there’s photo evidence of this, because when we’re all properly adulting in the future, we’re going to need reminders of all the daft things we agreed to do in order to get to the ‘full-time adult job in media’ status.

We gave out free chocolate and took pictures with people all afternoon, so definitely not the worst thing to be calling ‘work.’

March really has had the most excitement surrounding it so far this year; my wee baby sis (even though she’s now techically taller than me, and not a baby) turning 18, a trip to Disneyland Paris (expect a whole other blog on that one – there’s way too many pictures and favourite moments to cram it all into a ‘best bits’), and a family trip to Liverpool to the Beatles Story – which was a present for my Dad for his 50th birthday. I can’t believe there’s only actually one week left of the month, it’s completely flown in (although my bank account is telling me it’s definitely nearly the end of the month… those trips apparently didn’t pay for themselves.)
There’s been gigs, parties, exciting work opportunities, not as exciting work opportunities, days spent adventuring, days spent curled up with Netflix in bed and everything else in between; but I’ll not bore you. I didn’t really know where this was going when I started writing it (yes I know, what actually did I learn about writing at uni? I took nothing in about planning either apparently) but there you go, if I’d actually started my New Years Resolution in January, I think that’s maybe some things I’d have told you about. This would probably be looking a lot prettier by now too, but I’ll get there. Maybe. We’ll see.

Jen xo

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