The Roly Mo release their debut EP – TRM!

Glasgow’s punk rock four piece, The Roly Mo release their much anticipated debut EP at midnight and it’s definitely not one you’re going to want to miss! We’ve had lead single ‘Control Yourself’ for just under a month now and the rest of the EP follows suit, with its heavy riffs and punchy lyrics. The six track debut grabbed my attention from the outset and is going to absolutley blow your mind.

I caught up with Joe from the band ahead of release….

– First things first, for anyone who doesn’t know, who are the Roly Mo?

We are Jack, Andrew, Jaoui and myself, Joe. We’re a rock/punk band from Glasgow.

– Where did the band name come from? I’ve got an idea but not sure I could possibly be right…

Yeah, you’re on the right path. It’s from a wains BBC programme that my wee brother used to watch called the Fimbles. 

– You released your latest single ‘Control Yourself’ last month; tell me about the track

It’s a song based around addictions and making a clown of yourself on a night out. It’s also my personal favourite

– It comes from your debut ep TRM – how long has the ep been in the making?

We recorded 4 tracks in March 2019 then another 2 in November 2019 so the e.p as a whole has been sitting for a while.

– What is your writing process? Do you write together or separately?

We write together. I usually come in with a song then the rest of the boys bulk it up & make it hot.

– Who are your main influences?

For me, it’s The Strokes, Arctic Monkeys & smooth radio tunes.

– How would you describe your sound to someone who’d never listened to the Roly Mo before?

We don’t really have 1 specific sound in my opinion, I think there’s a variety there but it’s always decent.

– Obviously live gigs etc are on hold just now, but are there any plans for when we’re allowed to step back into normality?

Not yet but we definitely plan to do an E.P launch as soon as we can.. we’ve been practicing & writing a lot so we’ll be ready.

– What’s your favourite track on the EP? What one are you most looking forward to people hearing?

My favourite track is probably Control Yourself but I’m just excited for everyone to hear it as a whole, we’re all proud of it & eager to get more out!

You can stream TRM from midnight tonight on all your usual platforms – and find the band on socials – @the.rolymo 

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