Culann – ‘The Great Ecumene’ review

Ayrshire band, Culann, are made up of PJ Kelly (vocals & guitar), Sean Kelly (drums), Greg Irish (guitar), Ross McCluskie (keys) and Calum Davis (bass). The band released their second album last week – I was lucky enough to be sent a copy so I thought I’d share my thoughts with you…


Event Without Experience 
Brewing Of Ale 
Century Box 
The Great Ecumene 
All Reverie 
Sunken Ships 
Man Alive 
Queen Street

Kicking off with single, ‘Evonium‘ gives the album a really strong 5 and a half minute start, hooking the listener in with its punchy riffs.

Event Without Experience‘ has a familiarity about it, and I’m not sure how or why because on my first listen I’d definitely never heard it before, but I instantly felt like I recognised the track – I love when this happens! I think this track may be my favourite on the album.

The album’s title track, ‘The Great Ecumene‘ takes the album down to a slower pace, but is six minutes of pure delight. It stands as a perfect middle point to the album – followed by ‘All Reverie’ – a track which has been in my playlists for a good few years now; it was lovely to have this familiar wee track ping into my ears in amongst a sea of great new music.

I really love the different sound of ‘Man Alive’ – it stands out from the rest of the album, and provides the perfect transition into the album’s most emotional track, ‘Queen Street.’ The track starts off with Sean singing, and an acoustic guitar – something I’ve not heard the band do in a recorded track before. The emotion in both the lyrics and his voice really made the song stand out from the rest of the album for me. The added ‘street noise’ at the beginning and end of the track gives the whole thing a really raw feel and takes you to a place in your mind where you can actually picture yourself wandering along ‘Queen Street.’

Culann’s second album was one that was very much anticipated, and The Great Ecumene has definitely not disappointed. It’s a strong, heartfelt album with a great variety of tracks, which proves a) that the band are back, and stronger than ever and b) Culann, as a band, is made up of five talented individuals, who have a clear understanding of what they want their sound to be, as well as who they are as a band. Roll on album three!

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