Don’t Silence Me – a chat with Sadie Jemmett.

The #MeToo Movement has been at the forefront of the media’s eye since October 2017. If you don’t already know what it is I’d be really, really surprised but – just in case – #MeToo is a movement against sexual harassment/assault. It began to spread across social media when the Harvey Weinstein allegations came to light, and since then has empowered millions of survivors across the world to speak out.

Sadie Jemmett has been travelling between America, Paris, Scotland and her home in London, spreading the word about the #MeToo movement with close friend and sexual assault survivor, Mhairi Morrison. I caught up with her the day after the Glasgow event. Her track, “Don’t Silence Me” is her response to Mhairi’s story, and she’s using her extraordinary talent to add another vital layer to an already steady campaign.

As I walked into the Coffee Pot on a busy Thursday lunchtime, I did not expect to be so blown away by the end of a wee twenty minute meeting. The event in the Royal Conservatoire was a much needed night of education, music and anecdotes.

You can stream “Don’t Silence Me” now on all major platforms. Sadie’s new album “Phoenix” is out next month and I can’t wait to get my hands on it!

You can find more information about Sadie on her website;

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