Hatchie opens for the Vaccines.

I’m always up for a wee weeknight adventure, and am always keen to experience a new gig venue (even if it means a snowy drive to Motherwell with no ‘skooshys’ left in my windscreen) – so when I was given the opportunity to head along to Motherwell Concert Hall to catch Australian indie band, ‘Hatchie’ open for the Vaccines, I practically threw myself into the car (everyone knows relying on scotrail in the snow is a recipe for disaster)!

We arrived, with a few minutes til Harriette and co took to the stage, into a massive room that reminded me a bit of a gym hall – complete with one way system to get up and down the stairs. I found it a bit strange at first but it wasn’t long until the band were on stage in front of us and distracting me from any high school flashbacks.

Opening their set with the title track from their most recent EP, “Sugar and Spice,” Hatchie grabbed the audiences attention from the outset – and didn’t loose their interest once throughout the set.

Following Sugar and Spice with most recent single, “Adored,” and then a new track that I didn’t quite catch the name of had the audience bopping along like they were here to see Hatchie and had forgotten all about the headline band waiting in the wings (we certainly had)!

“Bad Guy” had us looking at each other, knowingly, and agreeing with the lyrics – Harriette had everyone in the palm of her hands as the set stampeded into my personal favourite of their tracks, “Try,” and finished with “Sure” – also from 2018’s “Sugar & Spice” EP.

I fully cannot wait to see how far Hatchie go in the next couple of years – with a very distinct sound, it’ll be really hard for anyone to avoid discovering this in the near future.

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