Dee plays King Tuts!

For it only being his second ever live show, Dee took to the famous King Tuts stage with the confidence of someone who had been playing gigs every night for a good number of years.

A wee boogie around the stage and he was straight into the first song of his set; ‘Everything Anything,’ a catchy number that had everyone in the room tapping their foot. It’s clear from the get go that Dee is heavily influenced by the likes of the Pet Shop Boys (his walk on music), New Order, Paul Weller & Prince.


Introducing his next track, ‘Amanda,’ Dee shows the crowd a glimpse of his joker side, but there’s definitely more of that to come.

‘Don’t Stop Kissing Me’ is followed by ‘Wanted This So Much,’ and now that I’ve heard them live, I’m excited for when these tracks get released. It’s not very often now in a ‘modern era’ that I get to see a set completely made of unreleased tracks, but it was a new experience that made me appreciate hearing the tracks in their ‘live’ state before anything else.

Dee’s stage presence throughout the gig was unreal. He is so full of energy, and bounced around from one side to the other, from the ceiling to, literally lying on the floor – although this energy spurt could have been helped by the fact he was munching from a bag of Tangfastics at regular intervals, which I loved.

Being a new artist in a supporting slot, I can imagine, would be quite daunting, but Dee knows exactly how to entertain and control a crowd – even bringing his own flash cards to let his audience know when they should be cheering!

His set finished on ‘So In Love With You,’ followed by ‘Let’s Just Be Friends’ – one that I had heard a demo version of before; as much as I liked it the first time round hearing it, the live version, with Dee’s entertaining stage presence alongside it, was even better. It’s a punchy, catchy track that has so many different elements of others that it’s a totally unique sound to anything I’ve heard before.

Dee left the stage to the whole room cheering and on board with his music – a resounding success for the King Tuts gig!

I caught up with him afterwards, in the cutest dressing room I think I’ve ever experienced.. have a nosy at our chat below…


Everything Anything

Amanda (Need You Now)

Don’t Stop Kissing Me

Wanted This So Much

So In Love With You

Let’s Just Be Friends

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